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  • cute and colorful Rainbow Stickers! especially good for using it on planners~ ^_^


    [Rainbow Sticker v3]

    posted 4 months ago
  • sooo many NEW STUFF! yayyyyyy :D

    i already got the file folder…shhhh…


    Kitty Stamp

    Eiffel Tower Pen Case

    Bonheur Constant File Folder

    Raindrop Deco Sticker Set

    Gold Ribbon Round Handy Mirror

    Little Prince Mini Coin Wallet

    posted 9 months ago
  • cute new stickers! The Little Buddy Snack Time Deco Sticker is really cute for decorating schedulers/planners! <3


    [ Heeda Transparent Sticker Set | Little Buddy Snack Time Deco Sticker | White Bear Stamp Sticker Set | Kitty Marshmallow Deco Sticker v2 ]

    posted 4 months ago
  • the thing about pretty stickers is that i will collect them all and never use any of them…o_o

    they’re just too pretty and cute to use…if i use one then it’s not a set anymore…> <


    Pony Brown Stamp Sticker v1

    Stamps Sticker Set

    Heeda Paper Sticker Set

    Vintage Deco Sticker v2

    posted 10 months ago