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  • fun and unique notepads! the calculator notepad is so…weird. haha


    [ Calculator Notepad | Chocobar Notepad | White Bread Notepad | Coffee Milk Notepad | Playing Cards Notepad ]

    posted 7 months ago
  • cute pens~ ^_^ 

    just a reminder, our site wide sale is going on! it will end on this Sunday, Feb. 23rd so don’t miss out! 

    have a great weekend everyone~ <3 <3 <3


    [ Blooming Pattern Pen | Pattern Pen | Rainbow Pattern Pen | Gold Crown Pen ]

    posted 8 months ago

  • posted 8 months ago

  • posted 9 months ago
  • Cute new stuff! Some of those pens actually glow in the dark! :D And the earmuffs look sooo warm~
    [ Wool Earmuffs | Colorful Heart Pen | Pastel Speech Bubble Sticky Note | Colorful Star Pen ]

    posted 7 months ago
  • a post dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. because it’s such an amazing book! definitely one of my favorites when growing up. ^_^


    2014 Fairy Tale Scheduler & Pen Set

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v2

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v3

    Alice Stamp Sticker

    Dear Alice Wallet v2

    Large Vintage Line Note

    posted 9 months ago
  • cute pouches from the Better Together Series! 

    everything is better together~ :P

    perfect pouches for school, work or travel!


    Better Together iPad Pouch

    Better Together Note Pouch v5

    Better Together Sailor Pattern iPad Mini Pouch

    Better Together Note Pouch v1

    posted 9 months ago