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  • Cute new stuff! Some of those pens actually glow in the dark! :D And the earmuffs look sooo warm~
    [ Wool Earmuffs | Colorful Heart Pen | Pastel Speech Bubble Sticky Note | Colorful Star Pen ]

    posted 7 months ago
  • TGIF! it’s been a prettty hot recently in Seattle! we actually have a real summer this year! hooray!!

    i say, it’s time for some ice cream~ :D


    Ice Cream Bar Phone Strap

    Ice Cream Sticky Note

    Ice Cream Card Set

    Swirl Ice Cream Pen

    posted 1 year ago
  • pens~~~~~~ they are so pretty i wish i could just collect them all.




     and then eat them ._.



    Rainbow Pattern Pen

    Retro Dot Pen

    Vivid Pen/Vivid Pen Set

    Dual Deco Pen Set

    posted 12 months ago