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  • Wonder Woman!! LOVE. she’s such an amazing character! Strong, fierce and beautiful~ <3 <3 <3


    Pop Art Pencil Pouch

    Pop Art Cosmetic Pouch

    Pop Art Galaxy Note 2 Case

    Pop Art Handy Mirror

    posted 10 months ago
  • sooo many NEW STUFF! yayyyyyy :D

    i already got the file folder…shhhh…


    Kitty Stamp

    Eiffel Tower Pen Case

    Bonheur Constant File Folder

    Raindrop Deco Sticker Set

    Gold Ribbon Round Handy Mirror

    Little Prince Mini Coin Wallet

    posted 11 months ago
  • new things! :D ohh i really want that pencil pouch…XD Pony Brown things are always so cute! 


    Pony Brown Pen Pouch

    Puppy Pen Holder

    Solid Deco Sticker Set (Limited Edition)

    Romantic Knot Leather Watch

    posted 11 months ago
  • check out some really pretty pencil cases that just got released! :3 start of the new school year, perfect excuse to get a new pencil pouch! i personally like Twin Color Leather Pen Case a lot~ <3 <3 <3 


    Fiore Del Melo Pen Case

    Twin Color Leather Pen Case

    posted 1 year ago