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  • colorful and cute notebooks! AND they are new! :D


    [ Light Grid Notebook | Pour Vous Notebook v2 | Pattern Blank Notebook | Plain Notebook | Simple Grid Designer Notebook ]

    posted 7 months ago
  • owls! owls are cute…and amazing hunters! and really cool when they do their head thing. :D


    Owl Earring Holder

    Owl Earring Set

    Bird Bookmark

    Memory Notebook

    posted 10 months ago
  • just some geeky AWESOME things we have~

    PART 1! @<>@


    Tetris Sticky Note Set

    iPhone Sticky Note

    My Folder Notebook

    8-Bit Game Map Sticky Note

    posted 1 year ago

  • posted 8 months ago
  • a post dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. because it’s such an amazing book! definitely one of my favorites when growing up. ^_^


    2014 Fairy Tale Scheduler & Pen Set

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v2

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v3

    Alice Stamp Sticker

    Dear Alice Wallet v2

    Large Vintage Line Note

    posted 8 months ago

  • posted 10 months ago
  • it’s getting close to that time of year! i know school isn’t the most exciting thing ever. but hey, why not make yourself happier by using some awesome back to school supplies?! :D or just an excuse to shop

    time to start browsing! new items are up and more coming! go go go!!


    Small Monthly Planner

    Large Vintage Line Note

    posted 1 year ago