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  • cute new stickers! The Little Buddy Snack Time Deco Sticker is really cute for decorating schedulers/planners! <3


    [ Heeda Transparent Sticker Set | Little Buddy Snack Time Deco Sticker | White Bear Stamp Sticker Set | Kitty Marshmallow Deco Sticker v2 ]

    posted 6 months ago

  • posted 11 months ago
  • for those of us that can’t have a real pet at home —


    [Mini Kitty Box House Sticky Note]

    [Mini Puppy House Sticky Note] <— Puppy version!

    posted 6 months ago
  • ummm extremely cute and adorable phone accessories! XD look at those feet! and the ice cream! and the kitty! :D :D :D


    Yellow Duck Feet Smartphone Stand

    Ice Cream Earphone Cap v1

    Kitty Earphone Cap

    Sneaker Feet Smartphone Stand

    posted 10 months ago
  • meeoww!! 

    winter is coming, those kitty hot packs looks super nice and warm~ :3


    Kitty & Fish Earring Set

    Kitty Hot Pack & Pouch Set

    Hello Kitty Fuji Instax Mini Film 

    Kitty Purse Organizer

    posted 1 year ago