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  • some really cute clutches…that are currently 20% OFF!!! wooo!

    after Christmas is the time to do some shopping for yourself! good job on all the hard work in finding presents for your families and friends. 

    treat yourself!


    also, site wide everything from 10-25% off sale! yay!


    Leather Clutch 

    All-in-One Leather Clutch

    Leather iPad Mini Clutch

    Canvas Clutch (Limited Edition)

    posted 9 months ago
  • some super cute and new things! oo the Mitten Hat Earphone Cap…soooooo cuteeee!! and just in time for winter! :D <3


    Mitten Hat Earphone Cap

    Tree Earring Holder v1

    Pattern iPhone 5 Case v2 (will also work with iPhone 5S but not 5C)

    Pop Art Galaxy Note 2 Case

    Rabbit Handy Pocket Mirror

    Better Together Sailor Pattern iPad Mini Pouch

    posted 11 months ago