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  • hi everyone! I wanted to share some of my favorite MochiThings products that I use daily! for those of us that use a backpack, it’s not very convenient when you are trying to grab something from your backpack. especially earbuds! they always get tangled by the time you are ready to use them.

    so I got the Smile Pattern Earphone Winder and clipped my neatly wrapped earbuds to the strap of my backpack! this way I can grab and store my earbuds neatly and easily whenever I need it! no more tangled mess and swinging my backpack back and forth! :D

    not to mention they are super cute and each order comes with 2 winders so you don’t have to switch in between bags! oh! and they are currently on sale too!

    i got the Navy & Pink style. reallllly convenient and cute! yay for functional and cute! :D :D :D

    feel free to share with us your awesome ways of using our products! make sure to tag us so we can see it too! <3 <3 <3

    posted 1 year ago