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  • arenel:

    I was going to post this before I even heard about the giveaway, but maybe now it’ll bring me luck! :) My new wallet from mochithings! It’s technically listed as a card case, but most of what I carry in my wallet are cards anyway. 

    I found that both the center insert and the felt inner can be pulled out = customizable! I decided to use some leftover lace from a skirt I made and fashion a sleeve. Normally I would sew it, but since I do also like the plain look I just taped it in place.  

    The case has 32 slots, so like in some of the sample pictures, I’ve been filling the extra spaces with photos. I don’t have an Instax camera so I made my own template on PS to Instax-icize my photos (yes, I could’ve just resized them to fit but I love things that are Polaroid-esque)! Having all these pictures in my wallet makes me feel a bit like a grandma hehe…

    yayyy!! that’s a really awesome idea! look how pretty it looks now! <3 <3 <3


    Colorful Mini Card Book

    posted 1 year ago