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  • alice in wonderland theme bookmarks! i suddenly want to read just to use these…:D


    [Mini Alice Boomark Set]

    posted 5 months ago
  • a post dedicated to Alice in Wonderland. because it’s such an amazing book! definitely one of my favorites when growing up. ^_^


    2014 Fairy Tale Scheduler & Pen Set

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v2

    Alice in Wonderland Scheduler v3

    Alice Stamp Sticker

    Dear Alice Wallet v2

    Large Vintage Line Note

    posted 8 months ago
  • all things fairy tale! i especially like Alice in Wonderland related items <3


    Fairy Tale iPhone 5 Case (will also work for iPhone 5S)

    Fairy Tale Cosmetic Pouch

    Fairy Tale Story Pen Set

    Vintage Fairy Tale Photo Album

    posted 11 months ago
  • super cute Alice in Wonderland themed coin pouch! <3 

    (also comes in other themes)


    [Fairy Tale Story Coin Pouch]

    posted 6 months ago

  • posted 8 months ago
  • with the billions of pens i have, i will need many many pencil/pen pouches. yesss. XD then i will need to buy more pens and then more pen pouches to store them in. endless cycle of happiness. <3


    Fairy Tale Pen Case v4

    Round Pencil Case

    Elephant Roll Pencil Pouch

    Cong Mini Pen Case

    posted 11 months ago