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  • awww washi tapes are soooo pretty~~~ <3 <3 <3

    great for decorating just about anything :D these would be really perfect for hand made cards! or i would use them to decorate boxes that i store my instax photos in. :D

    the black lace one is my favoriteee, sooo pretty! o_o

    oh, more new products are out! hooray! ^_^


    Yellow Flower Washi Tape Set

    Animal Life Washi Tape Set

    Vintage Leaf & Lettering Washi Tape Set

    Black Lace Washi Tape


    how would you use these pretty washi tapes? ^_^

    posted 1 year ago
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    4. kagaminotkagayou answered: i remember all the washi tapes i ever owned but never did use because of their prettiness
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